Ever ask yourself "where the action is"? If you're anything like us, you have many times. After spending hours searching online for a place to play just to find crappy games we decided to do something about it. We sought out to find the best games and started telling our friends about them. Action Finder was born.

The pictures above are our friends and supporters from around the world. If you would like Action Finder gear, all we ask is that you refer your poker playing friends to us. We will mail you some gear after four referrals. Wear it proud...you are apart of a small New York City poker community that knows where the action is.

Why join us?

Access to the best games. Regardless of what and where you play, we can get you into the best games throughout New York City. From daily 1/3 games in Union Square to weekly 5/10 home games in Flatiron, let us know what you're looking for and we will reach out to our vast network to find the best game for you.


24/7/365 service. Text us anytime of the day and we will reply within a few minutes with a game that best fits your request.


Weekly text and bi-weekly newsletter - opt out anytime. Once you join Action Finder, you will begin to receive our e-newsletter every other Wednesday and will be emailed instructions to join our weekly text list which is sent every Monday. Emails and texts include the game schedule, offers and promotions from three to five of the best games in New York City. You may opt out at anytime by emailing or texting us "STOP". You will be removed immediately.

Safe and secure. We screen all players and games to ensure everyone's safety, including yours. We will never share your info to anyone - even the host of the game. You can have a piece of mind knowing that you are playing in a safe and honest game with screened players and game hosts. If you ever have a complaint about a game, please text us - we want to know. If we receive several complaints about a game, we will stop referring our friends.

Action Finder is for everyone. Are you a college student looking for a relaxed game to entertain yourself? We have just the game for you. Are you a retired hedge fund manager looking for a high-stakes game overlooking Central Park with fellow finance professionals? There is a game for you too. No matter what level of a poker player you are and what type of experience your looking for, there is a great game we can get you into.



What people are saying...

Why didn't I think of this?! Action Finder is a simple solution to a common problem.  - Matt A.

111-111-1111 (Action Finder's number) is the most powerful phone number in New York City poker. Everyone else is a waste of time. - Orson S.


If you're not on Action Finder's list then you're playing in the wrong games. Period. - Dean L.


I love you guys! I always know where the best games are. - Stephan A.


Jill is my trusted poker concierge. Without her I would be searching through homepokergames.com or worst yet, criagslist.com. Thank you! You're a huge time saver. - Alex T.


I've been using you guys for years and you have never sent me to a bad game. I owe you big time. - Ricardo R.


Action Finder is the sh*t. It's like a New York City subculture for poker players. - Alan G.



 Join now to always know where the action is in New York City.




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Action Finder is a community of friends who play poker in New York City. It is LEGAL to play poker in New York City. When you subscribe to us we refer you to games we play in. We do not host/organize games or profit from them in anyway - besides playing in them. We do not promote illegal activity. Poker is a game of skill.